Parents can save a lot of money by filing a tax return. This especially applies to the “Child” form. But parents can also lower their tax burden in other areas by entering the correct information.

Parents receive child benefits that are tax-free for biological, foster and adopted children. High-earning parents, especially, can benefit greatly from the child allowance. Care, education or training needs also play an important role in this context. In addition, topics like the disability flat rate, the relief allowance for single parents or tuition are also important from a tax point of view.

Child benefit: The child benefit for this year is €192/month for the first two children, €198 for the third child and €223 for each additional child. You must apply for child benefits. It applies to parents who have their residence or center of life in Germany.

Child allowance: The purpose of the child allowance is to ensure the minimum income for each child to exist. This allowance is guaranteed by providing parents with a tax-free income up to a certain amount.

Training costs: A training allowance can be applied for as long as a child is still in schooling. A prerequisite for this is that parents are entitled to a child allowance.

Disability flat rate: The disability flat rate usually covers all expenses incurred in connection with a disability. For example, this includes costs for medication or therapy.

Relief amount: The relief amount, which is currently €1,908, is granted annually and deducted from all taxable income.

Tuition: Tuition is a fee that parents pay if they want their child to be educated at a private educational institution.

Tutoring: There are two ways to deduct the costs for this from your taxes; relocation or dyslexia.